Who is yk miyazaki?

yk spent her working life in service to others, working as a counselor, program administrator, and life coach with clients ranging from isolated seniors, to alcoholics and addicts, to executives at Fortune 500 companies.

No stranger to the written word, in her earlier days she was a respected published poet. Throughout her professional life she authored countless pieces of non-fiction; articles for professional journals, training and operations documents, and public outreach and education materials.

Over the last year or two, a passion to create fiction (she was always an avid, and critical recreational reader) began to overtake her as characters began “introducing themselves and insisting I tell their stories,” as she describes it.
She is currently engaged in the ongoing process of creating the fictional community of Walkerville and its inhabitants, and introducing them to readers.

What sort of stories can I expect in the Walkerville Desires series?

Technically the Walkerville books would be designated contemporary romances, but they’re unique within a genre that sometimes suffers from “over-categorization.”

The stories are set in the community of Walkerville, a small agriculture-based town nestled in a fertile valley on the California coast south of San Francisco.

They contain the elements expected in the genre. A classic story line that touches the “meet, fall in love, overcome obstacles, and arrive at a Happy Ever After (or, at least, “happy for now”) ending” bases readers expect.

But a lot of storytelling outside the box happens along the way. These are not mindless, formula-driven potboilers, but deeper, character-driven tales that drawn on yk’s decades of experience working with real people on real issues.

One reader has characterized these stories as “romances for grownups.”

What sort of characters are in the Walkerville books?

Some romance writers craft tightly structured tales, all focused on a narrowly defined age group, professional occupation, or even sexual orientation. yk’s work is less predictable, driven as it is by the diverse group of characters that make up the Walkerville community. At least three, perhaps more, generations of Walkervillians have their stories told within her pages. Most, but not all, of them are straight, heterosexual couples. Some are highly educated professionals, others are “regular working folks.”

Many grew up within the valley that enfolds Walkerville; they’ve known no other home. Others are “Walkervillians by choice” who found their way there, realized what a special community they’d discovered, and set down roots.

What about the, you know, S-E-X?

OK. So-called “mainstream” writers don’t have to address this, but it’s an important data point in some corners of the romance community. So let’s be frank for a moment.

Among writers and informed readers, a common qualifier refers to “heat level;” essentially a 1 to 5 scale describing, at the lower end, “sweet” stories—essentially material that’s ready for a Hallmark Channel television adaptation. It’s possible characters may “get together,” but what physical activity there is, beyond a simple kiss or hug, happens “off screen.” On the other hand, a 5 refers to what’s called “steamy” material—work of the 50 Shades variety.

So, where does yk’s work fit? Somewhere in the midrange; call it maybe a 2 or 2.5. Once again, it’s driven by the characters, by the story. Occasions do arise from time to time, when explicit activity occurs. When it does, she does not turn away. But it’s not frequent or gratuitous. Her books are not the sort where you can expect torrid, graphic activity every chapter or two. But things do occur. We’re dealing with adults here.

A note: You will NOT find any non-consensual, exploitive, or other “triggering” explicit behavior in these stories.

But I don’t like “romance” books.

yk’s stories don’t really fit clichéd definitions of the genre. Most vendors offer “preview” looks at the first portion of books offered. Take a look, and see if the writing looks interesting. If so, it’s probably worth it to pick up one of her books and give it a try. Look for limited time “sale” prices (sometimes even free) on the e-book editions. That’s an easy, low risk way to see if she’s your cup of tea.

Where can I find yk’s work?

All the usual on line outlets. Amazon, Kobu, Apple iBooks (iTunes), Barnes & Noble Nook, and more. We try to keep links current on the web pages, but if you don’t see your favorite vendor, try a search on their site. If you still have no joy, email her assistant, AC Smith, at admin@ykmiyazaki.com and he’ll make sure you get set up.

What’s the deal with this newsletter I’m being offered?

A few times a month, newsletter subscribers will hear from us with the latest publication/release updates about yk’s work.

We also will include exclusive material not available elsewhere, special offers and opportunities, personal messages from yk and more. If you like what yk is doing, it’s a great way to stay in touch.

Know that we promise not to spam you, we won’t share your personal information with anyone else, and you are free to opt out (unsubscribe) at any time.

If you haven’t already done so, you can go here to sign up.

What other ways can I be a part of the Walkerville community?

Follow yk’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ykm.writes.

Also on Facebook, check out the Living in Walkerville group page where fans get together to discuss all things Walkervillian among themselves: www.facebook.com/groups/Walkerville.ykmiyazaki

And, she’s on Twitter at twitter.com/yk_miyazaki (@yk_miyazaki)

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