Romance diva yk miyazaki brings us another tale from that special California farming community of Walkerville—a place that’s far more than a sleepy ag town. In Walkerville the women are quite capable of deciding what they want and going after it. And their men are willing and able to explore their feeling and desires, and learn to listen to and support their partners.

Into this unique community comes Trevor Collins, one of the West Coast’s premiere experts on helping multi-generational farming operations meet emerging challenges.
He’s in Walkerville to consult for the Montrose women, inheritors of the valley’s largest orchard operation.

But he soon encounters local entrepreneur Ruth Rodrick, a determined young woman who knows where she’s headed and is working a carefully planned strategy to get there.

The pair find something in each either neither knew they were looking for until it arrived. But dark history in Trevor’s past threatens to take him away from Ruth, until fate steps in and seemingly completes their separation.

Publisher: Fresh Apple Press

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