The matriarch of a farming community's "first family," and a local hairdresser with a closely guarded mysterious past. What could these two unlikely characters find in common? The answers bring surprises to them both, though not without some serious "failures to communicate" along the way.

In Book Two of her Walkerville Desires series, yk miyazaki takes us back to the small coastal California ag valley of Walkerville, just a short drive, but a thousand miles of heart away from the bustling, stressed out cities of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area.

This time, she turns her attention away from the community's younger generation as two of Walkerville's established adults struggle to bridge the social and cultural gulf that divides them.

And along with Desmond and Martha Janine's story, we learn yet more about a little town many of us would love to call home.

yk miyazaki writes romances for grownups. If you haven't yet discovered her character-rich, thoughtful stories, this is a fine place to start.

Publisher: Fresh Apple Press
Cover Artists:

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