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It Has Arrived!

That special Holiday story from Walkerville that we told you about is now live on Amazon Prime.
Readers in the US will find it here.
It’s available from Amazon outlets worldwide as well.

Now, because this is a novella, not a full-length novel, it’s only being offered in ebook format at this time. It just wasn’t possible to justify the expense of publishing hard copies.*

The story’s title is Stella’s Journey: So This Is Christmas. It’s important that you know that, though set just at Christmas Time, this is not some fluffy tale of snowflakes and ice skates, and Santa on the roof. That’s not the sort of story you’ve come to expect from yk, and she does not disappoint. This is a story of real people, dealing with real life challenges.  But you can still count on the fact that the people in Walkerville are pretty special folks, and you can trust it will all come right in the end.

It was yk’s expressed intention from the beginning to create something a little special for her dedicated readers this Holiday Season. So you’ll find this tale is full of folks you already know from the books, plus we meet a few new people whose stories we’ll be introduced to in upcoming installments of the Walkerville Desires series. So, the more books in the series you’ve read, the fewer strangers will be popping up here. But be patient. We believe you’ll be satisfied with the ride.

Whatever your personal customs and traditions for celebrating the season and its meaning, all of us here on the Walkerville team wish you joy, peace, comfort, and love this year.

*It is possible that, at some future point, several shorter Walkerville pieces may be collected in book form, but that’s not something that’s going to be on offer immediately.

Memo from the Back Office—It Has Arrived!

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