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Holiday Plans

I have some important news to share with yk miyazaki’s readers. We have a special treat, just for faithful followers of her Walkerville Desires series this Holiday Season. She’s created a special, Christmas themed story especially for you.

Now, there are a few things you need to know.

First and foremost: Yes, this is a Walkerville Desires story. But it’s important to note it stands alone outside the series. If you’ve kept up with the books, you’ll have a pretty good idea roughly where it fits, but it’s not officially a part of the numbered stories.

Now, regular readers do know most of the characters who turn up here, though some have only had a passing mention in the books you’ve read. This gives us a real chance to learn a little more about some of these folks.

Another important thing to know. This is not your fluffy, fuzzy, “let it snow, let it snow” happy little fairy tale. When yk first told me she was going to do something special for the Holidays, I started fantasizing about a big, community party at Montrose Hall, and thinking I was going to lobby for Desmond to be dressed in a Santa suit, having fun thrilling the kids.

Yeah, no. That’s not this story. It might be a perfectly lovely story, but it’s not the one yk created. As a matter of fact, Desmond doesn’t even appear here. It seems all the “grown up” folks (Martha Janine and Desmond, Lorraine and Gordon, Leslie and Patrick—the lot of them have decamped to Maui for the Holiday, leaving the younger generation to figure out for themselves what their new Holiday Traditions are going to look like.

Turns out this is a much grittier Christmas Tale than I was expecting. Oh, rest assured, this is Walkerville. The love and magic that lives in this community ensures that all gets sorted in the end. But frankly, there were a couple spots in here that damn near brought me to tears.

Of course, this isn’t the first time one of yk’s stories has had that effect on me.

Some “nuts and bolts” housekeeping:

  • The story is out with beta readers now. I expect it to be available by mid-October. And you’ll have the chance to preorder before it comes out. As soon as I have a hard release date I’ll let you know.
  • As of today, we have the cover art. I think it fits nicely. I hope you’ll agree when you read the story.
  • This is a shorter piece—not book length, but a “novella.” As a result, it’s only going to be available at this time as an e-book. My apologies to you old fashioned folks (like me) who prefer a solid, physical volume you can hold in your hands. It’s possible that, at some point in future, we may be able to collect several of yk’s shorter pieces together into a volume of stories. But for now, this is exclusively e-book.

One final reminder. This story was created specifically as a bit of a Holiday gift for regular Walkerville readers. We try to make sure the novels are self-contained and can stand on their own, even though they all fit into the series. The idea being that a new reader should be able to pick up any book and enjoy it. If they want to go back and read through the whole series after that first one, great.

But this story isn’t going to really make a lot of sense for someone who hasn’t already visited our little town of Walkerville. It’s just for us.

Memo From the Back Office – Holiday Plans

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