We are happy to announce an expected release date of 16 May 2019 for Walkerville Desires: Revelry, the fifth book in yk miyazaki’s increasingly popular series of novels set in the fictional California farming community of Walkerville.

Final work is underway to meet that schedule. And we are excited to be able to share with you here the finalized version of the cover art for the new book, once again executed for us by Red Raven Book Design.

Located just a couple hours drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, this quiet valley’s residents enjoy easy access to the ‘finer things’ and entertainments available in a world-class city, while living in a safe, supportive  and loving “best kept secret” of a town.

Acclaimed since her first book for her exceptional ability to bring characters we care about to the page, yk has continued to build a widening circle of people who hold a place in readers’ hearts. Walkerville is populated with strong, clear headed women who aren’t afraid to speak up to get their needs met, and men sensitive and secure enough to listen and take action to be good partners.

Readers new to the Walkerville Desires series should know each book is constructed to stand on its own, and Revelry is a fine place to step into town and begin meeting some of the locals. If you love it here as much as we do, you’ll eventually want to go back and work through earlier volumes in the series to learn the backstories of all the characters, but there’s no reason not to jump in right here.

And, for those already up to speed, we can let you know a few things without giving too much away. First, you’ll be excited to learn Francis and Fiona have decided it’s finally time to “tie the knot.” Of course, Fiona and her mother, Martha Janine have radically different ideas about what that ceremony ought to look like. Sorting out those conflicting visions brings up some very old feelings that have impacted their relationship for years.

Fiona reaches out to an old friend from Southern California, desperate for her to bring her professional catering skills and event planning experience to Walkerville to help sort things out. Bree Leonard’s arrival will spark some unexpected developments in our little community.

Also rocking the boat a bit, the return of a long absent native son to claim his inheritance. Rowan’s presence in the valley will delight some old childhood friends, while upsetting the long standing assumptions of other prominent Walkerville figures.

More than this we cannot say, other than to assure you that special mutual respect and support Walkervillians share which you’ve grown to cherish remains intact and, as you might expect, existing flames of love continue to burn, and some surprising new blazes flare.

Watch for details soon about how you can pre-order, and expect Walkerville Desires: Revelry to be ready for your reading pleasure coming up on the 16th!

Book 5 Release Date Announced

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