Scene One: At the Grove

Red Tail Hawk #1 (to be referred to from now as RTH#1): Haven’t seen Brown Dog with Silver Pony Tail for a while. I miss seeing them.

Red Tail Hawk #2 (to be referred to from now as RTH#2): Oh, I haven’t either. He didn’t look like he was doing too well the last few times I saw him.

RTH#1: Yeah, you’re right. But then he’s a dog. Four legs. No wings. Waddya expect?

RTH#2: Don’t be so judgmental. He was alright for a dog. I remember how he used to run like the wind. Then he’d stop in his tracks when he heard her whistle that it was time for them to go home.

RTH#1: Obedient, those dogs. Gotta given ‘em credit for being obedient. Not like them damn coyotes.

RTH#1: Hehehe … I remember a few years back when they were walking and those two hungry scrawny looking coyotes started yelling at them to back off. Brown Dog got so scared he hid behind Silver Pony Tail.

RTH#2: (irritation in voice) Anyone ever tell you your sense of humor leaves something to be desired? I always admired Brown Dog for knowing he was no match for them, especially two of ‘em. I think it’s always wise to know when to fight and when to hide.

RTH#1: Oh, you’re just full of pompousness today … I’m taking off solo. Don’t even try to follow me.

RTH#2: Well, good riddance. Give me some breathing room, you old buzzard.

Scene Two: At the Waters

RTH#1: This is the life. Flying solo. No one to nag. No one to tell me what to do. Hummm … sun feels good. Wind feels like it just skims off my wings like a whisper. I feel like I can fly forever.

RTH#1: (looks down, notices silverness on the walking path) That looks familiar. I’m gonna get closer.

RTH#1: It’s her! Silver Pony Tail! … but where’s Brown Dog. She’s walking by herself. She’s not holding a leash. She’s not carrying a poop bag.

RTH#1: (flying around, looking here and there) Oh, man, I can’t believe it. Oh, geesh Brown Dog’s gone. Silver Pony Tail looks kinda lost by herself. I bet she misses Brown Dog. She’s walking in this new place. She’s too sad to walk in the Grove anymore.

Scene Three: Back at the Grove

RTH#1: Hey, hey, guess I what I saw!

RTH#2: Oh, are you back already? Did you at least bring me a snack?

RTH#1: Never mind a snack. Guess who I saw?

RTH#2: I give up … wait … Santa Claus?

RTH#1: Funny Bugs Bunny … do you wanna know or what?

RTH#2: Oh, go ahead, tell me.

RTH#1: silence

RTH#2: Well are you gonna tell me?

RTH#1: silence

RTH#2: Are you punishing me?

RTH#1: No. No. I was just feeling sad.

RTH#2: So what did you see that made you so sad, you old coot.

RTH#1: Silver Pony Tail …

RTH#2: (excited) And Brown Dog too?

RTH#1: (despondently) Nah … just Silver Pony Tail …

RTH#2: Oh, no …

RTH#1: Yeah.

RTH#2: (sighing) He was a good dog … as far as dogs go …

RTH#1: Yeah.

28 February 2019 – Two Red Tail Hawks and Brown Dog

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