What does the Walkerville Desires series have to offer you that hasn’t been offered, pushed down our throats, and over-promised all our lives?

What is the ‘why’ in my writing?

Whole characters come to me, telling me their names, their backgrounds. I see them in my mind’s eye, the color of their hair, their tattoos. I am privileged to see their bruises both physical and emotional and they allow me to tell their stories. I hear their voices, I hear their laughter and their tears. I hear their jokes and their awkwardness as they try to connect with each other.

In living life these Walkervillians make mistakes, their complexes surface and still they plod on building a micro-community of friends, lovers and families of the heart and blood in the macro-community that is Walkerville. Isn’t this what we all want—to connect with each other?

They are all part of who I am.

They trust me to tell their stories about this wonderful place called Walkerville. It is on the map somewhere in central California, a small farming community with restaurants, bars, a veterinary hospital, hair salons, attorneys, contractors, caterers, retired models, a resident mystery writer, bakers, the self-employed, people with PhDs and people who’ve not spent a day in college.

They live quiet lives while their hearts bubble with misgivings, curiosity, hope, dreams, yearning, secrets, mischief and despair. They are like you and me. They are part of the fabric of life. We know these people because they are us.

They meet—or reunite, fall in love, get married. Some have babies, others are content with enjoying other people’s kids. Some of them have known each other for a long time before they looked at each other in a different light, changing them forever.

Some have left town due to self-imposed exiles or childhood family issues. They are drawn back to Walkerville, their heart town.

Some have left finding fame and fortune ‘out there’, while knowing always they would come back to Walkerville because this is where their heart belongs.

Some have found Walkerville accidentally, others have found it by visiting a friend who was raised here. Still others come because Walkerville may be their last stop; their last chance at happiness, at having some hope.

Some have never left, never had the desire to look elsewhere for their sense of connection.

Walkerville is that place we look for that sense of connection. Walkervillians take you in, and love you, accept you for who you are, foibles and all.

Become a part of Walkerville Desires.

3 January 2019 — The Why of Walkerville Desires

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