Hi everyone, it’s the night before Thanksgiving. There’s something about being reflective at any time of the year — birthdays, anniversaries, holidays … as I take a deep breath and smell the milk chocolate/toffee confection that I mistakenly call “Crack” (google calls it a Cracker Toffee candy and somehow my brain shortened the name) mingled with the turkey neck, gizzards and heart stock that I’ve been simmering since yesterday afternoon for the gravy and the stuffing, the house begins to smell like the holidays.
For many reasons, AC and I have come to the end of the line in this wonderful ranch house in this wonderful neighborhood. There are a lot of changes afoot, and downsizing is one of those changes for the new year.
I am grateful to be spending this holiday with friends I’ve made in this valley over the past 16 years.
There are many more changes in the pipeline for yk writes, so BOLO!!
I look forward to spending more time here with all of you. Keep in touch and enjoy yourselves.

21 November 2018 — The Night Before Thanksgiving

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