I almost made it.

For reasons I won’t go into here I haven’t celebrated the 25th of December for 18 years.

I did make a batch of fudge, snow balls, and oatmeal and raisin cookies to give to some folks. I am crocheting a pink kitten hat for a friend’s first grandchild who’s about a month old.

I just sent a happy almost Solstice email to a friend.
I am enjoying the advent calendar a friend gave me – mainly because it references Scotland.

My feelings about this time of year are not as charged as they’ve been although my feelings did get hijacked about a week ago when I asked Ace if there was a holiday coming – I noticed entrepreneurs selling fresh bouquets of seasonal flowers along the highway. When he told me it would be Christmas soon, I burst into tears.

I had almost made it.

These are my feelings and it’s just a day. This too shall pass.

The days will be getting longer and lighter after today. I am grateful for sunlight. I am grateful I am able to just be, whatever that looks like.

I am grateful to be working on book 8 of the Walkerville Desire series. Walkervillians are still talking to me and rescuing me when I set up tall orders like a barbecue for 30 folks, all of whom I have met and created writing this series. Now that is a gift that I accept and am grateful for.

21 December 2018 — Solstice 2018

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