Not all men are created equal. And not all women need to be saved. Contemporary small town romance author, yk miyazaki, isn't afraid to break the rules, writing heroes and heroines who could pass for your neighbors next door. Readers say her stories carry an air of authenticity, but it's the three dimensional characters that keep them coming back.

She creates culturally and socially diverse worlds where you see every side of humanity, from the good to the bad, straight couples to gay and lesbian partners, and people of all skin tones. If you want a dose of comforting reality with your romantic fiction, you are in the right place, my friend.

The inspiring, thoughtful stories yk miyazaki writes are "romances for grownups," with some on-page sex, but not dripping. Call them a heat level between 2 and 3 out of 5 flames. You won't find torrid bodice-rippers here, but engaging stories with real feelings and interactions that make sense, both to the story, and in real life.

The Walkerville Desires books are designed to work as individual, "free standing" stories. But there are a number of "through lines" and plot developments that extend and expand from book to book throughout the series. So, if you've already picked up one of the Walkerville books, you're fine. If you liked it and want to learn more about this special community and its people, or haven't yet discovered yk's deep, character-rich stories, Walkerville Desires—Return, the first book of her Walkerville series is a fine place to start.

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