yk miyazaki writes romances.

But they're not like any romance you've ever read before.

Oh, yes. Her stories respect and honor readers' expectations that new lovers will meet. That sparks will fly, difficulties and obstacles will be encountered, but by the final pages it will be clear our couples are headed for a "happy ever after," or at least "happy for now" resolution.

Beyond that though, her genre-busting books defy easy categorizing. yk is one of those writers who is gifted (or cursed, depending on when you ask) with a study full of characters demanding that their stories be told.

When she begins a new book, she rarely has much sense of just where the story may lead—she often doesn't even know what characters will step up and insist they have a tale to tell, and it's her job to get it down and share it with the rest of us.

As a result, richly drawn characters, with individual voices, inner thoughts, histories, and goals in life are a hallmark of her books. If you're a fan of romances, you'll surely find her approach fresh and interesting. If your assumptions have kept you away from the genre, odds are you'll be reassessing your opinion once you've taken a dive into her work.

Currently, yk continues to release new books in her Walkerville Desires series. Muli–generational, multi–cultural stores set in the very special small town of Walkerville, a tiny farming community on the Central California coast.

The women of Walkerville are strong, intelligent, determined, and mutually supportive. Their men are open to their feelings, willing to listen and pitch in, and amazed at how lucky they are to be a part of this community.

Take a look around. Choose anywhere that looks interesting to jump in, and see if you don't fall in love with Walkerville and its people.

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